125th Anniversary Year of St. Adalbert

Calendar of Events

July 2016
– Relic of St. Maximilian Kolbe (July 15-17 2016)
August 2016
– New Parish Photo Directory to begin taking photos. See more here.
September 2016
– New Parish Photo Directory photos of parish groups to be taken
October 2016
– International Day: Sunday, October 16, 2016
November 2016
– Memorial Mass for deceased parishioners
– Youth Mass
December 2016
– ” A Night in Bethlehem” Greccio Experience
– Prayers for baptized children and adults at St. Adalbert’s
January 2017
– Prayers for families and wedding anniversary celebrations
February 2017
– Feast, The Presentation of the Lord, World Day for Consecrated Life
– Special prayers for all religious men and women who have served St. Adalbert Parish for the past 125 years
– February 11: Observance of the World Day of the Sick, 9 am Mass with Anointing of the Sick and prayers for the sick of our parish
March 2017
– Lent: Parish Missions
– ARISE: Spiritual Renewal, together in Christ
April 2017
– April 23, 2017 Closing Mass of the 125th Anniversary Year
– Gala following Mass at Royal elute Palace, Woodside, NY